About Us


Metro Clean Pvt. Ltd is a growing commercial cleaning, laundary and pest control services provider located in Old Sinamangal (Pepesi Cola) Kathmandu. We provide a range of cleaning, laundary and pest control services for commercial and industrial clients. Metro Clean Pvt. Ltd. brings a fresh and professional approach to cleaning, laundary and pest control services. Our goal is to exceed the expectation of every clients by offering outstanding customer service, exceptional quality and add greater value for the service.

Metro Clean Pvt. Ltd is a small sized organization and do not have large company structure from management to workers but works till the clients is satisfied. The management always oversees the workers and provide enough support to carry out a certain task in a professional manner. All our staff is highly trained and is choosen for their integrity and work experience.

We use latest model equipments and we use environmental friendly products. We use a color coded cleaning system, in order to prevent any misuse of chemicals and to prevent the health and safety of our valuable clients. Staffs are educated to notify the management about any work place hazards and safety issues in order to prevent future injuries.

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