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Dry Cleaning

The dry cleaning process involves utilizing fluids to remove soil and stains from fabric. Little or no water is used during this process and the cleaning fluids do not penetrate the fibres in the same way as other methods, which is why it is called dry clean
One of the many advantages of this process is how grease and oil can be dissolved and eliminated more effectively than with water on many materials, from natural to synthetic. Water can also distort, shrink and discolour fabrics made of natural fibers such as wools and silks, making dry cleaning the preferred care method.

How Dry Cleaning Works?

    • Test the stain remover on a discreet spot on the fabric you’re cleaning before using it to remove prominent stains. Make sure it doesn’t cause damage or discoloration before proceeding.
    • Since you’re presumably working with delicate fabric, don’t scrub the fabric too much, or you could damage it.
    • Use the stain remover only on the stain. If you soak the entire garment in stain remover, you could damage its shape and fibers.
    • Don’t use stain remover on suede, leather, or fur. These materials cannot be dry cleaned at home anyway, so aren’t part of these instructions.

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