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Commercial Laundry Service

we have the expertise to maximize the longevity of your linens and we are working hard to becoming the best commercial laundry service in Las Vegas. We bring care and attention to the art of laundering for our customers. We have perfected our own commercial laundry service by utilizing a 8 step process. We will receive and sort your laundry linens or uniforms. Next we will wash your products using our commercial grade washers. Then, we take your product and dry it. We take great care and condition the product. Next, we use our equipment and press the products. In the final stages we will carefully fold and package your laundry or linens. Final step to the process is to weigh it, and then deliver the product to you. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss any of your linen, laundry or uniform needs.

How Commercial Laundry Service Works?

    • There will be an image which looks like a side view of a bucket with water in it. If a number is written, this indicates the temperature (in Celsius) that should be used. If a hand is there instead of a number, this means it should be hand washed. An X means it should not be washed.
    • The triangle indicates bleaching. A white triangle means the item can be bleached, a black triangle or X means it should not be.
    • A box with a circle inside indicates how to use the dryer. One dot means low temperature, two dots means normal, and an X means a dryer should not be used.
    • A plain box means the item should be dried on a line (if a parenthesis is at the top), flat (if a solid stroke is through the middle), or drip-dried (if three vertical lines are in the box).
    • The image of the iron indicates the temperature used to iron the item. The more dots, the higher the temperature. An X means an iron should not be used.

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